Trucking Opportunities Require Information and Effort

Trucking is a fascinating business.

One that is full of opportunities of all kinds – for those motivated and driven to seek them out and then do the work required to get the rewards.

But be careful!

Trucking is also chock full of pitfalls and potential trouble too. At the root, it always comes back to decision-making on your part. So it is very important for you to realize that and to clearly know and understand it fully as soon as possible.

Trucking is NOT like most other opportunities in work, in business, and in life. The decisions you make day to day and hour to hour, have big consequences attached to them directly. They affect your pay and total income in massive ways.

This is one of the things that I love about trucking.

With a typical job, the way you get paid is very limited with few if any ways to significantly increase your bottom line pay. With trucking that simply is not true. The opportunities for you to better your own situation and improve your pay are relatively and virtually unlimited for you – if you are truly motivated and driven to keep moving forward.

There is always another level you can pursue and if you do it well enough, then you can achieve its rewards.

What does all that mean in practical terms?

There are more possibilities than possible to explain or cover them all here. However, I will give you a few just to illustrate the point and get you to think more about your own potential options and possibilities for you.

Personal Truck Driver Efficiency Pay

Let’s say a person comes into trucking as a brand new entry-level truck driver. It doesn’t take that long to get through initial training and then road training and out on the road running loads and earning. This entire phase is also a massive learning opportunity that does not end when truck driving school is completed. It does not end when road training is over either – nor does it end after the first trip or the first 100 trips either… it is continuous for someone looking to achieve trucking business success.

After a few weeks to a few months of gaining experience and confidence then it is time to begin looking for ways to increase income.

One of the first ways for a new driver to do this is by operating as efficiently as possible and as smart as possible. This requires better than average communications with dispatchers/load planners and in time management as well as driving skills.

How well a driver does the basic job directly and significantly impacts their pay. The difference in pay between drivers can be hundreds of dollars per week and thousands per month. It can and is tens of thousands of dollars in difference over the course of a year too.

How you CHOOSE to run and how well you do what you choose to do massively affects your pay.

Truck Driver Recruiting Referral Pay

Next is the ability to understand other outside-the-box ideas and act upon those that make sense to you. For example – most trucking companies pay a recruiting referral fee or bonus to their drivers to recruit “refer” other drivers who come aboard and start running there.

So you can become a rolling recruiter (check out my course on this on Udemy from the courses tab above) and you can potentially improve your earning from a whole new source of revenue that most truck drivers just don’t see – even though it is right there staring them in their faces!

So, become a rolling recruiter!

You can even do this as soon as you start and as soon as you have enough time with your company to understand it – to make sure you like it and to be able to explain it to other people who may be interested in coming aboard there too. So within 90 days of starting – or even less than that, you can start recruiting/referring other drivers and start earning extra pay on top of your driver pay.

Truck Driver Road Trainer Pay

After you have about nine months to one year (minimum in my opinion!) then you can become a road trainer and make even more money. As a trainer, you can make at least another $1200 or more per month from training new drivers directly. This is money above and beyond your driver pay. If you are very good at training you will also earn more from being able to increase your total miles and get more pay from that too – but only if you are really good at training. So be really good at it or don’t do it!

I hope you are beginning to get the idea.

Your total pay is dependent on YOU!

No trucking company is going to just spoon-feed you money by the bucket full either – and while the good ones will tell you about these programs that are available to you, none of them are ever going to do the work for you. If you want the rewards you are going to have to have some initiative and drive and get up and go get it!

Results Not Typical

While there are indeed some highly motivated and very effective truckers out there making a lot of money and enjoying life more too – they are not typical.

Not typical by a country mile…

There are drivers making $24,000 and others making well over $80,000+ as company truck drivers – and some with the same companies.

Most truckers just go with the flow and follow the herd, and as a result, so does their pay and overall rewards. They just stumble into a particular company because an ad happened to catch their attention for a moment or a recruiter called them up and sounded good.

Yet they do not do much if any actual research into the driving opportunity or the company offering it. So they don’t usually get what they are expecting and hoping for. They just get mediocre at best.

That is why you need better information to help you make better decisions so you can hopefully get better results for yourself. Yet even then you must always be aware that even when you choose a better company and you have better information it is going to depend on the actual work you do – the actions you take – and that will determine your rewards in trucking. It will also determine your rewards in life.

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