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Trucking success requires that you have a good understanding of the business including all its fundamentals. Obviously you need to learn the basics if you are a driver or going to become a driver, including how to actually drive the truck and operate any other specialized equipment you may be using. But there is a lot more to it too.

It is even more important to have a solid grasp of all fundamental business aspects if you are going to be running or even managing any aspect of a trucking-related business. Otherwise, you will struggle at best and probably fail eventually.

There is a lot to trucking as a career or as a business.

In fact – regardless of whether you are a brand new company driver, or a seasoned driver, owner operator, freight broker or small fleet owner – in all cases, you need to see what you are doing as being involved in running a Trucking Business. Again, it doesn’t matter whether you actually own the company or whether you are currently a company employee there. If you want to reach your maximum potential in trucking – learn to look at trucking as a business and pursue what you do accordingly.

Training and Information is the Core Business of Transport Resource Solutions

Decades ago I started my own career in trucking as a truck driver with no previous experience or knowledge of the industry. While I did grow up on a farm and learned to drive when I was about eight years old or so and had operated farm tractors, bush hogs, hay rakes, bailing machines and related equipment for years – I had never even sat in a commercial truck before let alone driven one until I decided to become a truck driver and headed off to school to get my CDL.

Keep in mind there was no internet to speak of back then – though it existed (barely) it was still in its infancy and we were still using dial-up modems. I think my first computer had a 104mb hard drive if I remember correctly! So information was not nearly so readily available or as easy to get access to as it is now.

Much of what I know about trucking took years to learn and it took a lot of trial and error and personally learning from the experiences of hundreds of other people as well as my own efforts in everything I did. All of it was a valuable learning experience. But it took a lot of time – years and years to accumulate that knowledge.

You get the benefits of all of it – and you can learn more in a few hours to a few days online now than you could have learned in a few years to a decade or more the old way!

Getting the right information, training, resources, and support can make a world of difference for you as you build your own trucking career and business. You can make better decisions when you have the information to be well informed before you do something that is going to waste time and money – not to mention causing you a ton of frustration.

How to Get the Information and Help You Want and Need

Thanks to technology you have access to information training and support through a number of different ways. So choose what works best for you and get started. We currently use the following methods at Transport Resource Solutions to help you;

  • Free Information and Resources – We operate several sites/blogs where we are adding content on a regular basis in the form of articles and posts. Some of them also have Free Resource links where you can download a free report or list as well if you want it, and they all have links and information about other resources we offer and resources offered by other people and providers too
  • Online Courses – I have already completed several online courses and you can find many of them on Udemy now. Udemy is a very affordable training market place where you can take thousands of courses by multiple instructors on a variety of different topics – including trucking and business-related topics and much more. Udemy is a great place to start your training
  • Books and eBooks – You can find my books on Amazon directly or from links from my Author/Instructor site at
  • Trucking Business Success – Some of my students on Udemy suggested to me that it would be nice to have a way to communicate and share trucking information more easily and one suggested a Facebook group as a means to do that. So Trucking Business Success was born as a group on Facebook with one member other than my wife and me. Just one student. It has now grown to several hundred and it continues to grow each and every week by a few more people, many of whom are my students but not all. Some are just interested in trucking as a business and/or as a career. Everyone interested in trucking is welcome in our TBS group and you are too! You can join it HERE. I decided to take TBS further and I have built a website for it which you can find HERE and we will be adding additional more in-depth courses to our Trucking Business Success Academy which you can access from the site as the courses become available.
  • YouTube Channels and Free Videos – Just getting started on building our YouTube channels but they are live now and have at least a video or two up already. I intend to begin adding a lot more videos including tutorials, reviews, assessments, opinions, and other information on all things trucking and business-related there. Here are the links; L.D. Sewell, Transport Resource┬áSolutions, Trucking Business Success
  • Podcast – In case you are not familiar with what a podcast is – think of it as a radio talk show – except it is done over the internet instead of being actually transmitted on radio signals. That makes it better because it is available anywhere you have an internet connection and can be downloaded and listened to whenever and where ever you like. On my podcast, I talk about all kinds of topics and especially those that are trucking, business, and success related. You can find The L.D. Sewell Podcast HERE
  • Contact Me – If you need more information or want my help directly the easiest way to get in touch is either through email or by joining the Trucking Business Success group and sending me a message there. You can find my email address on my sites and if you email me – just be sure to include Trucking Business Success or something similar in the message heading so I know its not spam…otherwise it will be automatically sorted and deleted and I will never even see it.

Accelerate Your Trucking Success

No matter what your goals are in trucking, you are more likely to achieve success and to do it much faster when you have better information and training.

Trucking is complicated – if you really want to do well in trucking – and it has many moving parts. While many people do stumble into trucking and while it doesn’t take too much to learn just enough to survive and get by, that’s about all they can hope for without better information and better training and support.

Even when you are a company driver there are ways to get higher pay, additional sources of income and specific tactics to use when talking to and dealing with various people, which will increase both your income and your happiness too.

If you are running a trucking business – or thinking about doing so – then you need far more advanced and in-depth information and training to help you maximize your profit and at the same time help you make sure you do not make mistakes that can cost you tens of thousands of dollars in fines and even open you up to criminal prosecution. That can all happen even without specific intent to do anything wrong!

Trucking is very heavily regulated – like it or not – and DOT and other involved agencies have no sense of humor and little if any tolerance for violations. Look up the costs for fines for violations related to drug and alcohol testing and for financial responsibility related violations and see what they cost.

Instead of just hoping you don’t inadvertently miss something that really matters or make mistakes that could cost you dearly – get the information, training, and support you need to do better from now on and throughout the rest of your trucking career.

Well, that’s about it for this post, and thanks for reading!

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