Trucking Career and Trucking Business Choices

Trucking does offer you amazing opportunities – but to realize your potential and make money as well as find happiness in what you choose to do in trucking, you need information so you can make better informed and intentional decisions.

This is an area where many people make a serious mistake. A mistake that causes them all kinds of frustration, limits their income, and takes up unnecessary years to learn key information and lessons through trial and error alone.

Don’t do that!

Even if you have already started in trucking and are doing it – stop it now! There is a far better way for you to do better in trucking and to help you achieve more faster, with less stress. That involves getting specialized information, training, and support – and learning where and how to keep getting access to all the other resources you will need and want as you progress throughout your trucking career and trucking business.

Online Courses are Affordable and Available

Luckily for you, there are plenty of cost effective and easy ways for you to get access to the key information and training that you need. When I started out in trucking that wasn’t possible – and what little information and training that was available was usually hundreds of miles away and involved traveling and staying in a motel/hotel for several days, not to mention expensive fees to attend the seminar or workshop in person.

Add it all up – the fee for the event (usually multiple hundreds of dollars or more!), plus the room, plus the rental car, gas, and other expenses – not to mention several days away from work, and family – getting that valuable training was much harder and far more expensive.

It was also nowhere near as effective.

Such events would often have 20  to 50 people in attendance and because there was no online follow-up or other help available you had to digest everything that was thrown out or lose it. When you are talking about trucking business and trucking risk management, regulatory and related topics that simply wasn’t ideal.

With online courses – either as stand-alone courses or as support to live events too – you have an opportunity to digest the information at your own pace. You can take the courses, lectures and training in bite sizes that work for you and your schedule – and you can replay and go back over any key points that may not have been perfectly clear, to begin with.

This is a tremendous advantage!

You also do not have to incur all the travel-related expenses or the time away from work and family for several days or even a week or more at a time either. You can take courses from anywhere you can get an internet connection – and you can do it on a laptop, a tablet, or even on your smartphone!

Use the technology and get the information you need now.

Decide What You Want to Accomplish and Then Do It

Most people who get into trucking do so in a relatively disorganized and unstructured way. Whether that is coming in as a driver or working internally in various staff positions from dispatchers to safety representatives and all other positions within a trucking-related business.

Whether your objective includes becoming a;

  • Company Truck Driver
  • Independent Contractor
  • Owner Operator
  • Dispatcher
  • Freight Agent/Broker
  • Recruiter
  • Manager
  • Any Other Trucking Related Position

There are many things you need to know and some of them are critical. All of them are important to your potential success in trucking too.

Interested in learning more about all aspects of trucking as a career and as a business?

Start with my courses on Udemy and then come join our Free Trucking Business Success Facebook group. If you really want to get the most you can from your own trucking career and trucking business then stay in touch with me. I am working hard to create and keep expanding all the resources that I would have loved to have had myself when I began in trucking many years ago – and to try to keep building better training products and provide more access to additional tools and resources that can dramatically help you from now on throughout your trucking career and trucking business journey.

Chart a Course for Your Trucking Career and Your Trucking Business

Don’t just go into trucking without a plan. if you already have – its still not too late – change course and choose a specific course toward specific intentional goals of your own choosing now. Do that instead of just bouncing around from trucking job to trucking job and company to trucking company as so many drivers do.

Also, consider adjusting your mindset.

Think of it this way – you are in a trucking business of your own and for your self the moment you enter the trucking industry, even while you are a company driver. What I want you to get fixed in your head is that idea.

The reason is that your decisions affect so many different elements of your life. The amount of money you make, the type of equipment you drive and operate, the kinds of people you work with, and around, even the amount of physical work are all directly related to decisions. Either you make them for yourself or others will make them for you – and when they do they do so in their own interest – not yours.

Realize that here and now and start acting accordingly in all you do.

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