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Over the years the products and services we offer have evolved.

That continues even today and we are in the process of creating several new things that will make it easier for students, clients, and customers to connect with us better in whichever way they need and want.

We already have numerous courses available on Udemy and a large and growing Facebook group -Trucking Business Success.

In the group, we are going to begin doing live videos there weekly – covering trucking specific topics along with business-related content that is beneficial for all members. For example, we will be talking about everything from choosing and setting up your business entity, to establishing policies and procedures, driver hiring criteria, driver qualifications from both a risk management point of view and a regulatory perspective, how to become an owner operator, freight broker, or other trucking business owner – and many other relevant value-adding topics.

We will also be holding periodic live roundtable discussions where group members can participate.

Beyond that, I am looking into a new platform where we can offer the next level of training, support, and community in our very own private membership which will include its own exclusive courses there that will be in depth and have interactive two-way communications between other students and direct communication chats and email support with me too.

I continue to have requests for personal 1 to 1 consulting – so that is coming too!

Over the years I have done quite a bit of that in the past but mostly face to face eyeball to eyeball in person. As our online course business grew I got more and more away from one on one consulting and focused more on online courses and publications.

There appears to be a need for courses, publications, community, and direct coaching and consulting – particularly as people keep asking me for that service, so I am going to be providing it too very soon.

In an effort to make sure it is a good fit for us both the first discovery session will be free.

If you are interested then be sure to check back here periodically and subscribe to our newsletter and email list. You may also want to check out our other site

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