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Many years ago when I first started out in trucking information was not so easily or readily available.

Usually to get some really good training and in-depth information – if you could even find it – required traveling hundreds of miles and staying in a motel or hotel to attend a seminar, workshop, or class of some kind.

As you can imagine that is quite costly – not only in terms of the fees to attend, which were and are often $500 or more per event – but the real cost is even more. It is the time it takes to get there, to attend the event, and to get back. That can easily be four days or more, and then you also had all those added costs of fuel and the room, etc.

Today we have the ability to share information through eBooks, PDF’s, Audio, Video, and complete online courses as well as the ability to participate in membership communities and networks where we can easily and affordably share information and resources.

It is possible to do short but powerful training sessions, coaching, consulting, mentoring, and even very in-depth and relatively long classes online and save all of that travel time and the costs associated with it.

Information can be consumed and utilized whenever and wherever you want it in many cases, on your own schedule.

My company was founded with the idea of providing information, training, and support that add value and that helps our students and our clients achieve Trucking Business Success to the maximum extent possible.

That mission continues to this day.

Even though we continue to evolve as a company and as we add additional products and services – the core mission will always remain the same – to provide value in all that we do, to help others achieve their goals.

TRS Course List and Resources

To stay informed about our available courses, videos, podcasts, and other resources upcoming – including live events – be sure to visit our Transport Resource Solutions website at and subscribe to our email list while you are there.

When you do you will be notified whenever we add new resources, such as upcoming courses, books, training manuals, and videos – and often you will be getting special early access along with discount coupons and sometimes even free Earlybird VIP passes.

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