Take Some Trucking Courses and Learn More About Trucking Business Success

We humans have a long history that is already well established, and an important part of our experience is being able to learn from each other as we go along and to learn from those who have already been here and already accomplished what we seek to accomplish now.

Trucking is a prime example of this concept.

Every possible lesson you need to know has already been learned by someone else through experience, through trial and error and combined with any other lessons they were fortunate enough to learn from other people too.

So you have a choice. Use it all to learn faster and easier and with less risk – or learn it all from trial and error – which is a much harder and much more expensive way to go about it.

Risk Management and Regulatory Issues

Trucking is very heavily regulated and the risks are huge – even when things are done right. But going along with no clue as to what management control systems need to be in place let alone how to set them up and maintain them is just crazy.

Ignorance will not save you – and there are no points given for good intentions either.

You either get it right to you pay the price. Sometimes that happens quickly and other times it may take a while before something really bad happens. That often leads to a false sense of security that actually helps far too may motor carriers both large and small actually get deeper and deeper into trouble without fully realizing just how deep they are in it – until its too late.

So start with making sure you get great information and training about DOT Compliance and Risk Management. Then set up your systems correctly NOW before its too late. Even once you have adequate MCS in place you need to remember that training is still needed on an ongoing basis because things do change and because there is always something more to learn that can help you reduce your risk, reduce your costs and improve your productivity and your profits too.

Where to Get Trucking Information Training and Help

Start with the FMCSA website and begin getting an understanding of the regulations and how to use the site. Go in on a routine basis and take a look around. Learn how to quickly lookup specific information on any regulatory topic you might need and just get used to the site.

Also, choose a publisher that provides a paper copy of the regulations and updates (preferably spiral bound management editions) and get a new copy at least quarterly – in addition to using the site at least weekly if not daily. Keep that book on your desk and in plain sight and pick it up and read a few pages daily. These simple things I just told you to do will help make sure you are better informed than 80% or all the other motor carriers in business today.

It is simple and it doesn’t take much time or effort – but you do need to have enough self-discipline, to begin with, to do it long enough to make it a habit. If you do it will serve you very well.

Next, take some courses – and I recommend mine of course!

You can find my existing courses which are entry-level and basic courses which are very affordable and available to anyone who wants them – on Udemy and you can go to my instructor profile page and look at all of the courses I already have there by clicking HERE now.

More courses are on the drawing board including courses I will be putting on Udemy and some that will only be available through our own Trucking Business Success Academy soon.

Also, remember to read our blogs and consider joining our FREE Trucking Business Success Facebook group too.

Beyond all of that, there are plenty of seminars and events throughout the country every year (in normal times anyway and will be again when this pandemic is over!) so find one near you – or elsewhere if you are willing to travel – and go attend a seminar or workshop as soon as possible.

Start with Compliance and Risk Management because these areas are so critical that serious mistakes here can put you out of business quickly. Beyond that, keep in mind there are also many other very important topics you need to study and learn more about, from recruiting to training, leadership, marketing, sales, business management, financial management, equipment maintenance, and of course all of the record systems needed for it all. You will also want to know how to track manage and control your costs as well as how to get and keep customers, along with multiple sources for finding and acquiring the best paying loads – and how to identify and reject bad loads and bad customers and brokers too.

Keep in mind that training is an ongoing thing and you need to set time and money aside for it on an ongoing basis. Make sure you are always learning something new that can help you and your business on an ongoing basis.

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