Should You Start Trucking in 2021?

Is This a Good Time to Get Started In Trucking?

Regardless of where the year has been good, great – or terrible – people contemplating whether or not they should get a CDL and get started in trucking always have that question in mind, whether or not they ever say it out loud.

Should I start trucking NOW, or should I wait?

The answer depends on you.

What is your current situation first of all, and secondly what do you really want to do?

When you have a family, especially a young family with kids the answer may be different for you than it is for someone who is single or retired from another job.

The same is true for countless potential situations and circumstances.

So you do need to take your own current situation and it’s realities into consideration. Trucking is not just another job – it is a whole other lifestyle – and it will affect anyone else you have in your life too.

Beyond all that – if your life can handle it – and if you are ready willing and able to get started – well then, this is a great time to start trucking!

Trucking and the Economy

Virtually all physical products move by truck at some point in their journey. Most move by truck multiple times too.

What I mean by that is that raw materials are transported by trucks to the manufacturing plants where they are made into finished products.

Then those products often move to distribution centers and other warehouses where they are further processed or where they just sit until they are needed. Then they are moved to the customer or to a retail store of some kind to be sold.

Every load a truck moves requires a truck driver.

Thousands upon thousands of loads move every single day.

By the way, in case you are wondering – “aren’t autonomous trucks going to replace all the truck drivers soon?”

The answer to that is; NO they certainly are NOT going to be replacing all truck drivers anytime soon.

The realities are that the technology and the infrastructure needed to be able to do that is still many years off. Will it eventually happen, probably – maybe – and maybe not. Who knows, but for now and for the next decade at least, in my opinion – trucking remains a great career option!

As of this moment in time, the trucking industry is short tens of thousands of truck drivers.

That means a golden opportunity for you right now if you start now.

Many trucking companies are so desperate to hire drivers they are currently offering all kinds of sign-on bonuses and tuition reimbursement for truck driving school.

Some offer their own internal training programs and others have formed strategic alliances with outside truck driving schools in their regions.

The point is that you can decide today, start tomorrow and be through training and running on your own making good money within as little as four to twelve weeks or so from today!

Want to learn more about trucking?

Then check out some of my courses on Udemy and keep reading my blogs and using all the other free trucking business success content that I create and publish too.

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