Welcome to Transport Resource Solutions!

The company was founded in 2008 beginning with providing recruiting and training services primarily for one client to begin with. Over time we helped additional companies and individuals by providing specialized information, training, assessments, and other resources.

Then we began creating online courses and training as well as writing and publishing our own training manuals, guides, and other publications.

Transport Resource Solutions continues to grow and to evolve over time, and to add additional products and services which provide additional value, while at all times we remain true to our original mission – to help other people do better in work, in business, and in life on a consistent basis.

My name is L.D. Sewell and I am the founder of Transport Resource Solutions, LLC – my friends and clients who know me personally call me Derrick, and I hope you will too someday when we meet in person.

Whether you are looking for basic information about trucking and perhaps thinking of getting your CDL and starting a truck driving career, or whether you are interested in becoming an owner operator or a fleet owner we can help save you years of trial and error and show you how to achieve success faster with less risk than otherwise possible. Even if you are already running a trucking business successfully – we can still help you do better.

To date, I have more than two and a half decades in trucking and counting and have spent years learning invaluable lessons in the trucking business both from active study and real world practical experience. I also have more than a decade of military experience along with many more years in real estate – as an agent, property manager, broker, and investor – and all of these experiences have taught me valuable lessons which I will share with you too.

Get started today by joining our FREE Trucking Business Success Facebook group. You can also check out our YouTube channels and my courses on Udemy and of course keep coming back here to our site and blog, where we will be providing all kinds of useful and free information to help you build a better trucking career and achieve Trucking Business Success in accordance with your own goals.



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