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In trucking, business, and in life, there are all kinds of things that can add value and help you do better in achieving your goals – if you know they exist and where to find them.

That is the purpose of this list – to share with you things that can help you.

When possible we will include affiliate links which will result in a commission or fee to us if you purchase the product through our links at no additional cost to you. Other resources will not be affiliate links. Regardless we will only list and lin things here that we think you should know about and that that we know can help you.

In the following sections, you will find resources listed according to what they are and what they primarily provide. Since some of them provide more than one key resource you will find some of them listed in more than one section.

Some of the resources you will find here will be provided by us and many more will be available through other sources.  We will also be continuously refining and adjusting this list of available resources over time. Share your own thoughts and let us know if you have found something of value that you think we should add too – just hit the contact us button and let us know!


Section 1 – Resources Provided by Us 

Trucking Business Success Facebook Group – This is our own Facebook group that is approaching 1000 members and growing every week. It is FREE and is a valuable resource for you and others to share information with each other for the mutual benefit of all members. We already have many members who are owner operators, fleet owners, freight brokers, equipment dealers, truck drivers, and many other people actively involved in trucking every day. many of my current and former students from my online courses are also there. The only thing we are missing is YOU so come join us today!

L.D. Sewell Student Support Facebook Group – I am very fortunate and appreciative to have had several thousand students complete my courses and training events and currently have hundreds of students active in my various courses. All of my online courses have the ability for my students to message me through the particular courses they are taking and ask questions through direct message. For students who want additional information and live discussion I just started a brand new group specifically for that purpose. My intention is to be in the group live at least once a week and to check for messages there daily too. You need to be a student in one f my courses to gain access – but that’s easy to do. Just sign up for ANY of my courses and then come and join the L.D. Sewell Student Support Facebook Group!

Consulting – Books and courses are always useful, and we certainly have those available too. But sometimes it is very beneficial to be able to actually talk with someone live and one on one to get information that you need and want. That’s why I offer consulting services too if you want to speak with me and get my help personally and directly. The first session is FREE and it will help us both decide how best to proceed from there. If you want and need additional consultations it can be cost-effective scheduled on a session-by-session basis.

Section 2 – Government Agencies and Resources 

There are multiple government agencies and authorities at various levels that you must be aware of if you are operating or planning to operate any kind of trucking business. This section contains links to the primary and most common ones you need to know about – but be forewarned – there are also state and local agencies too that may affect your business! You need to do your own research and verify any additional requirements at the state, local city, and county levels too. They vary greatly and depend on where you are based, where you operate, and other factors – some even apply if you simply hire drivers from certain cities and towns.


Department of Transportation (DOT) – If you are in trucking then you need to be well informed on what the DOT is and how to access the key information you need.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) – This is a division of the DOT and it is specifically the source for most of the regulations you must know about and deal with in any kind of trucking business. This is where you find the FMCSR’s (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations) and it is also where you APPLY to GET YOUR DOT NUMBER and authority to operate a trucking business as a motor carrier and or freight broker.

Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), Motor Vehicle Administration Etc.

Different states call these things by different names – which can make it more confusing than it should be. However what we are talking about here is the place in your state that issues drivers licenses, and that issues plates for vehicles. While a CDL is regulated at the federal level it is handled administratively at the state level. The link above goes to and their list, and I chose them for a couple of reasons. One is that I trust them and the other is that they have a ton of other useful legal and regulatory stuff available too.

Do keep in mind that you still have a responsibility to verify and confirm for yourself that you are actually dealing with a real government agency DMV and not some nefarious sneaky look alike. There are some companies and people out there who make sites that look suspiciously like official sites – except they aren’t. Just be certain to always verify you are dealing with the real thing.


Section 3 – Insurance Companies and Surety Bond Providers 

Trucking insurance is required because it is necessary by law/regulation for you to be able to operate as a motor carrier – and it is necessary because of the significant risk of transporting large heavy loads on our nation’s highways. If you are new to trucking you are about to get the shock of your life when you find out what trucking insurance is going to cost you.

If you have a decent record (driving record) and some experience in trucking you are probably looking at something at or near $1000 or more per MONTH just for the mandatory liability insurance. It can be a little less depending on your situation – or a lot more – also depending on your situation and factors.

Keep in mind that not all carriers will even insure you – at any price. Some only want proven trucking experience and other eligibility criteria, while others require a minimum fleet size (let’s say 100 trucks or more for example) or they won’t be much inclined to give you more than the time of day – if that even.

Two factors that will impact your rates, in particular, are your record and your experience. If you are new to trucking as an owner operator or small fleet owner the good news is that your rates will likely drop significantly after your first year – so long as your record is good during that time.



Carolina Casualty


Section 4 – Process Agents


Section 5 – Drug and Alcohol Consortium Providers

DDTA Services 



Section 6 – Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Vendors 

Trucking Office


Section 7 – Trucking Management Software (TMS) Providers 

Trucking Office




Section 8 – Load Boards



JB Hunt 360 


Section 9 – Freight Brokers

CH Robinson

Uber Freight


Section 10 – Freight Factoring Companies


Tab Bank

Section 11 – Truck Sellers, Dealers, and Listings

Truck Paper

Trucker to Trucker


Local Listings and General Searches


Section 12 – Truck Financing Companies

Tab Bank


First Capital

Section 13 – Commercial Banks and Fuel Card Providers

Tabb Bank


Section 14 – Forms, Posters, and Supplies

JJ Keller


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