Make Money Online – Extra Income Opportunities for Truckers

Trucking itself offers numerous income production opportunities – including more ways to make more money than many drivers ever realize.

The first important consideration is choosing the right company for you.

Not all trucking companies are created equal – actually, I  would say most are far from it in reality – despite the common claims by some drivers that “all trucking companies are the same…”. They’re not.

The type and condition of equipment and its age vary greatly, with some running almost brand new equipment which they continuously trade in and upgrade every two or three years o so.

Others run trucks that are ten years old or even much older than that. An old truck age-wise alone is not always a terrible thing – so long as the company actually upgrades and maintains those old trucks properly.

I only know of a few that do it right.

One of them systematically strips its old trucks down and basically rebuilds them interior, exterior, and all critical parts – and it inspects everything else systematically – so on paper, it is still an old truck, while for all intents and purposes that matter it is brand new (or better!).

They also save a TON of money and legally get around a lot of other expensive and nonsensical regulations in the process – and that means they can also afford to pay their own drivers far better and still be more profitable than their competitors.

On the other end of the spectrum are the little dirtbag motor carriers that try to squeeze every last penny out of their trucks and don’t want to fix anything that “ain’t broken” as they say!

That means they milk the old trucks as long as they possibly can – and when they do eventually break down it is often on the road – shafting their own drivers.

See how that works?

Pick a better company.

Then pick better runs within the company and communicate with your load planners and dispatcher better.

Many drivers have no idea how to do either – so they get a lot of crap runs that do not pay well and that are unpleasant in every other way too. A driver must learn to stand up for himself or herself – or keep suffering.

When you choose the right company, learn about the best freight, communicate effectively and confidently and get that freight consistently then you make more money. Next, you must master managing your time – and when you do that you can pick up another one to three runs more per week (on average) than other drivers who are less efficient can ever hope for.

Maybe you are coming in from a regional run with hours to spare and already have a preplan for tomorrow. If you ask and let your planner/dispatcher know your intentions early enough you may be able to squeeze in a short-haul or local run without breaking a sweat and put another $100 to $200 in your pocket. That’s EXTRA money on top of the $200 to $300 or more you already earned (making it a $300 to $500 day).

Do that once or twice a week and do the math and you can see how it will add up fast!

Beyond all that – if you are physically fit (or want to be!) and can handle heavy physical labor for hours unloading freight there are load (such as dollar accounts and other store deliveries) that pay a combination of by the load, by the stop and milage. If you can handle it (and if you are willing to!) then you can figure out the range and the runs that PAY THE MOST and you can turn the fastest. Sometimes even daily… and then still apply that concept I just explained to get those extra little short runs and explode your pay.

That makes it possible for a solo company driver to consistently make $1200 to $1500 per week every week and possibly even get home every day while still driving a nice assigned road tractor with a sleeper on it. No slip seating and no beat you to death day cabs!

See how that works? Think. Plan. Communicate. Work your ass off and make more money – and still get home daily too!

Beyond that, you can do driver referrals (recruiting) if you want to and if you learn how. that can pay you anywhere from $500 to $2000 per driver you refer. If you go after it as a part of your business and put in the time and effort to do it right – that can be quite lucrative. In years gone by I have made a lot of money recruiting. It is time-consuming though and you need to spend a lot of time talking to people on the phone – just keep that in mind. It may or may not be for you, but at least it is another option and you should know about it.

Want to ramp up your pay by another $1200 to $1500 per month – and get some help driving and unloading freight? Become a road trainer and train other rookie drivers. You can make good money and help others at the same time.

But again it isn’t for everyone – and you really should have at least a year of experience first in my opinion – yet some companies will make you a trainer with as little as 3 to 6 months of experience. Just be careful and don’t try to train until you are sure you know what you are doing yourself first, please!

Once you have that down – then training is potentially a profitable option for you.

That all means you could earn anywhere from about $52000  up to as much as $80,000 or more per year as a COMPANY truck driver! You can even do that your first year right out of school IF you are exceptionally motivated and extremely hard working… and the fact is it is POSSIBLE  but it will NOT be easy.

To be very clear – this is NOT typical – and most new drivers will never earn that much their first year!

It requires extra knowledge, skill, and the intentional efficient application of specialized knowledge along with some plain old HARD work. That’s why most won’t make that kind of money, ever – let alone their first year. Will YOU?

That’s up to you.

I can teach you how but I am not going to do the work for you.

How You Can Make EVEN MORE Money Online

For practical and other reasons you can not do too many other things to make money while you are a truck driver. But there are some things you can do and that can pay you very well – over time.

They can even pay you continuously on an ongoing basis and are what everyone is chasing all over the internet – passive income. In reality what they are all calling “PASSIVE INCOME” is not truly passive income at all – and it is what I prefer to call Semi-Passive income.

For starters, I like the wordplay on semi – as in semi-trucks. Get it?

Corny I know, but never the less I like it – and mainly because it is more accurate. Let me explain what I mean.

You do have to do work, and in reality, a lot of work to get that income coming in. Nothing passive about it at that phase. Then once you have your systems in place, content created and published and your links in it all (more on that in a minute) then it becomes almost passive because you don’t have to keep working at it every single day to keep getting money.

But you do have things to do from time to time. You have sites to maintain, new content to create and add, questions, and comments to monitor and respond to and other things that need to be done. Still not completely passive – but not constant active work either. Now see how semi-passive income makes more sense and is more accurate?

I thought you would like that…

Now on to the HOW of it.

You need to learn and bein doing AFFILIATE MARKETING – that’s how.

You can use my affiliate link and get started for FREE HERE.

Try it all out, look around and if it is for you (and it will be!) then go ahead and upgrade to Premium and become a paid member of Wealthy Affiliate with me as your personal coach and mentor.

Amazon, Walmart, and almost every other major retailer has an affiliate program. Many small companies do too.

The way it works is you create a system of publishing content. That can be numerous things but some of the key methods include;

  1. Website and blog
  2. YouTube Channel
  3. Instagram
  4. Pinterest

Then you create content and regularly post it to your accounts and platforms. As Google and other search engines find and index your content you will begin getting more people to your content (traffic).

Find companies that have products you want to market and see if they have an affiliate program (most do). Find it, sign up for it and get your unique links.

You will create relevant niche-specific content that provides value and you will put your affiliate links in your content.

A certain number of your visitors will click the links and buy the products – when you do your job right. When they do you will receive a fee/commission fro each sale you produce.

For example – this is my affiliate link for Wealthy Affiliate. 

Go ahead and click on it. it will take you to a sign up page at wealthy affiliate. If you complete the sign up then it will log you in as having been refered to Wealthy Affiliate by me – even as a Free member. Then later if you do decide to become a paying member (Premium) then I get paid when you pay Wealthy Affiliate. WA pays monthly as do most such programs that have a subscription or recurring fees.

Other programs will only pay you ONE time per purchase – a common example includes Amazon. Say you click on one of my affiliate links for a book I reviewed or mentioned and you go buy it – then I will earn a fee.

You can do the same as an affiliate marketer – you just need a bit of training and willingness to do the work.

That is the basics of how affiliate marketing works – though it is a very simple explanation of what can be a very complicated process. It is enough to give you an idea of how it works and the rest you can learn inside Wealthy Affiliate if you are curious enough to do that.

This is a near-perfect business for a trucker.

The time you spend taking breaks and sitting in truck stops and at customers – and any other downtime you have – time that would normally just be wasted time to you, can be converted into production time for your affiliate marketing business!

All you need is a laptop – and at some point in your day, an internet connection. You can even get that through a hotspot on your cell phone.

While you are sitting and waiting you can write a post, record and upload a video or create other content and upload it. Every time you do, you are increasing your LIBRARY of CONTENT, and the more content you create that is decent the more traffic you will get over time – and the more customers you will get too.

Now do hear me loud and clear – this is NOT QUICK and IT IS NOT EASY…

It is relatively simple to learn the basics and to do in time – but it does take time and effort consistently before you can expect to make much of anything at all.

Most people fail – just as they do n most other things in life. they fail because they are looking for fast and easy ways to get something for nothing like getting rich quick schemes and business in a box, cashflow automatic ATM money-making machines, and other guru garbage nonsense.

Sorry – that’s just not how real life really works.

While Affiliate Marketing and Digital Marketing are real and they do work – it takes real work, persistence, and time to make it begin to pay off.

It is not a get rich quick deal (and nothing else reals is either that I have ever found!) So you have to work it like a business (JUST LIKE TRUCKING) over time and if you do and if you keep doing it then it will eventually start making you money consistently. When it happens it is a beautiful thing indeed!

Anyway – that’s about all for this one. Let me know if you are interested and if you want my help then be sure to use MY link when you join WA – Here it is again;  Join WEALTHY AFFILIATE

Best regards,

L.D. Sewell

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