How to Achieve Trucking Business Success

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Trucking businesses start everyday – and trucking businesses alo fail and close every day too.

What makes the difference?

While the truthis the difference is due to many different things, there are some very common issues that are challenges for all – and how they choose to handle them determines their fate.

Learn from them all.

Study thhe companies and the people who have done things well and who have acheved success in their own trucking businesses – trucking business success that you want to emulate yourself. Model what they did and if you can do that effectively and consistently then you should be able to produce similar results.

Likewise learn from those who have failed. There are still very powerful and very improtant lessons thee for you too – if you are willing to learn them. Learning why certain trucking businesses fail and go under will help you make sure your own trucking business doesnt suffer repeating their  mistaes and end op with the same fate as they did.

Get Training and Learn the Specialized Information You Need 

Trucking i a complicated and highly regulated business with a ton of compettetion in an industry with a lot of constantly changing and forveevr moving parts. It is absolutley imperative that you fully and clearly understand the game and its ruls if you are to survive let alone thrive.

Few know anywhere bear what they should know in trucking – so they suffer. many fail that should not have and would not have if only they had made the effort and taken the time to get the training and the informatin rehey so deeperately eeded.

But they didnt. So they paiid the price. Othere are repeating the same process right now – and even beyond that more are coming into the indursty and they are already doomed to fail – they just dont know that yet.

You need to get a good basic training program that teaches you the fundamentals of DOT Compliance and overall Risk Management and then you need to keep current from then on. The ebst time to do that is before you strat your trucking business. The next best time is NOW!

Get in touch with me now – and lets find out how well prepared you are. Better to know right now before you get yourself into deep trouble, that way you can start making improveements if you need to. Want a free 15 minute phone consulatian? Send me an eamil and we will set it up. 

Free Trucking Business Success Facebook Group 

I started the group to have a place for my students to be able to easily egt inntouc with me and ask questions and share the ir own lessons learned with the entire group. We have a few hundred people and the group is steadily growing – come join us now and have access to another resource, and best of all one that is completely FREE!

You can join us HERE.

Have a Specific Plan and Goals

Over the years I have known THOUSANDS of truckers, including company drivers, lease drivers, owner operators, small fleet owners and some large fleet owners too.

I can tell you that the most successful among them all have specific plans and theya ree always working toward the enxt goal.

Likewise the ones who do the worst are the ones just bumbling around from thing to thing with no real purpose at all. They stumple upon some things that work out and are liucky – sometimes – and other times it ends more quickly. 

So what is it you want to accomplish with your own Trucking Business and how are you planning on actually doing that?

Join a Group of Other Like Minded People and Build Alliances

Ever read Napolaen Hill’s books? If not you need to. If you have then you are already at least somewhat familaiar with the concept. One of the big things he talked about si that no one who achieved greta success in busines sna din life did it alone. The all had help. That was key to success and it was also carried tp a much higher leverl by what Hill called a Mastermind Alliance.. In simple terms it just means two or more people working togetehr toward a common purpose.

this may soudn a bit strange if you are eharing it for the first time – yet it is somthing that has been done by presidents and business leaders, entrepernerus and all kinds of other very successful people for ages. It is not new and it is not a secret – yet it is also NOT commonly done by the masses – which is one of the reaosn why so many peopl fail as most of what they try.

In the old days groups had to meet face to face – and while that is still away to do it and nice when it can be done (except during pandemics!) technology now makes it possible to conduct and participate in a mastermind group quickly and easily no matter where you are physically loacted.

Zoom, Skype and other similar things make it easy adn affordable.

So connect wth other like minded people and start getting ahead and achieveing more success in your own trucking business and in life instead of just struggling to get by all the time.

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