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Transport Resource Solutions LLC is a training and consulting company providing specialized information, training, services and other resources to help you do better is your work, business and in life on a continuous basis.

Hello, and welcome to our new site – my name is L.D. Sewell and I founded Transport Resource Solutions many years ago to help people build better careers, better businesses, and better lives. We began with recruiting and training truck drivers primarily for one client and later began publishing our own training courses, books, and other publications and helping other trucking businesses as well as individual people who were looking for information and training.

Online courses are and training is an effective and affordable way to get you the information you want and need – and many of our current courses can be found on Udemy now. Additional courses will soon be added to our own Training Center which we call our Trucking Business Success Academy and you will have access to it through links right here on this site.

You can also visit our Trucking Business Success site and if you are interested, consider joining our FREE Trucking Business Success FaceBook group.

The latest service we are building for you is Seller Direct Services – which is a way to connect both sellers and buyers of commercial trucks, trailers, heavy equipment, real estate, and other assets directly. To help reach more people we are building a Seller Direct Services YouTube Channel and we are going to be featuring information on our Seller Direct Services site as well as on our growing network of interconnected sites and other platforms.

Our goal is to help you achieve your own success and keep doing better from now on!

Welcome to Transport Resource Solutions and we look forward to working with you.



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