Do You Have a Trucking Plan?

Over the years I have witnessed all kinds of successes large and small in trucking. I have also seen many fail in multiple ways, from aspiring new drivers who washed out and threw in the towel within days or weeks of starting – to veteran drivers with many years experienced who finally burned out and left trucking for other options.

There have been many others too – and even fleet owners (more than one) who had such lofty ambitions, yet realty for them was adjusting to failing and going out of business within a year or two from that happy day they launched the business.

The root cause – or at least one of them – was the failure to have a real plan.

Often people just try to wing it. Usually, that ends badly and relatively soon.

Especially in trucking. This business is many things and exists within a highly regulated, time-sensitive stress-inducing pressure cooker that can eat you up and spit you out before you even have a chance to realize what happened.

If You Are In Trucking or Intend to Be Soon, Then Do It Right!

First – whatever you are contemplating doing, whether that is becoming a company driver, owner operator, freight broker or even fleet owner (and ESPECIALLY Fleet Owner!!!) make certain you take the time and make the effort to do some research, get some training and go into it knowing something about what you are trying to do. And make sure you have a PLAN.

That effort will pay you back multiple times in the first year and then do the same every year from then on.

You might want to take a look at some of my courses on Udemy too – that will help you develop better plans faster.





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